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You’re Worth It

You’re Worth It
Angelo Coppola

There’s something that feels good about taking care of your belongings.

The time and money are well spent, because good maintenance leads to less waste, fewer breakdowns, lower cost of ownership, lasting beauty, longevity, and higher satisfaction.

Yet, when it comes to taking care of ourselves, 70% of our diet consists of processed foods.

This didn’t happen overnight. It’s been the gradual result of millions of small decisions to trade a bit of quality for a bit of increased convenience, lower costs, or higher profits. We’ve slowly hollowed out whole foods, processing away bits and pieces, until we’ve ended up with tasty but empty shells.

Higher quality inputs lead to higher quality outputs. This is crystal clear when it comes to our belongings like cars, appliances, and homes. But maybe because we don’t purchase our bodies, minds, relationships, or talents—it isn’t as clear when we are neglecting them.

These parts of our lives aren’t belongings in the same way that our possessions are. They’re so much more important. Self-maintenance doesn’t belong on the back burner.

Invest in your life. You’re worth it.