Reader Roundup, February 2013

While I have several articles and recipes brewing, I want to share some of the great links that have been posted on the Latest in Paleo Facebook page recently. I don’t think I’ll have time to write about these individually, so here’s a little information dump of fun and interesting links, images, and such. By the way, feel free to post your links on the Facebook page, too — we’ve got an awesome community and we’ll welcome you with open arms.

Before we start, thank you Kem for sending in the lovely picture of your cows on your New Zealand farm (seen in the featured image of this article). Just beautiful! Here’s the roundup:

Fat is Bad For You!

Fat is Bad For You
Here, have a Diet Coke and a Fat-Free Hot Pocket! Ding!


Thanks, Aaron N! The comic is funny and it says it all!

Well…except for maybe this: it’s not about macronutrients! There are healthy and unhealthy fats, carbs, and proteins. A good sign of a fad diet is one that over-simplifies and over-generalizes.

It’s really not that difficult to get more specific than macronutrients (this is not an exhaustive list*):


What I choose: wild salmon, sardines and other low-mercury fish, grass-fed ruminants, eggs, and I am considering adding soaked and sprouted lentils to the list. I eat very little dairy.

What I avoid: gluten, legumes, and I limit nuts to a few handfulls a week (but only because I am apt to easily overeat nuts, not because of the N6).


What I choose: omega-3s from fish and the fats in grass-fed ruminant meat and organs, very little dairy; for cooking I use homemade tallow, bacon grease, coconut oil, olive oil, ghee, butter, high-vitamin butter oil.

What I avoid: trans fats, “vegetable” oils (which are really seed or bean oils, any fat that is excessively processed.


What I choose: white potatoes, sweet potatoes, rice, yams, plantains, bananas, and whole fruits and vegetables, fresh honeycomb, small amounts of sugar, and (rarely) small amounts of corn.

What I avoid: Gluten containing grains, heavily processed foods.

* Your mileage may vary. My carb disclaimer.


Coca-Cola Ad in Plain English

I hope you’ve had a chance to read my play-by-play break-down of Coca-Cola’s advertising campaign. Coca-Cola and other beverage companies are starting to feel the heat. Thanks, Nicole J. for posting this! Check it out:


Doctor’s Orders

Long-time Latest in Paleo listener and Facebook page contributor, Waleed, sent in this hilariously funny comic strip. Wait. It’s not funny. Well, the only reason it’s funny is that it’s not funny! And…well, you know…

This is why wise king's kept court jesters around. Sometimes you need humor to tell the truth.
This is why wise king’s kept court jesters around. Sometimes you need humor to tell the truth.

Note: This prescription is not a magic pill that will make everyone with every condition better. But, it’s one hell of a good starting point, isn’t it? This is the basis of the idea that humans are not broken, by default.

Eating Cheek to Cheek!

Thanks go to Kurt M. for posting this awesome video! The folks over at Sweet Stem Farm have some serious talent to go with those cute pigs and sheep! Kinda makes me wanna buy a farm. How about you?

All right, I’mma just say it: I LOVE THIS VIDEO!


Sugar, Baby!

Sean W. posted this reminder of just how long the sugar industry has been working on us with their propaganda. It’s taken a long time to get us where we are today, and it’s going to take a long time to undo it. We’re in the midst of that. It just takes some time.

Remember, the poison is in the dose. A little sugar isn’t going to hurt a healthy person. A boat-load of daily sugar over the course of a lifetime…you decide.

Start Cola Early

UPDATE: This ad is a fake. Here is the backstory: Thank you to commenter Ralph H. for setting the record straight! This ad appears to be legit, if you’d like an actual ad to rile you up a bit…in exactly the same way.

Portion Control in 2013

Annika (@NEKLocalvore), the reader / listener who I’ll always remember as the person who encouraged me to sign up for Twitter (@angelocoppola), posted a story about the Aspire Bariatrics stomach pump. The device was invented by Dean Kamen, who you may recognize as the inventor of the Segway, water purification systems for the third world, and extremely advanced prosthetic limbs.

Your first reaction to this new device will probably be similar to mine: WTF.

But morbid obesity is a serious problem, and sometimes extreme options are needed. It turns out that this is potentially safer and less intrusive than lap band surgery or stomach stapling. Whether it will be truly effective or not remains to be seen.

I know, I know. Wasteful, absurd, enabling, etc.

Yes, those words definitely come to mind. But let me repeat: morbid obesityI look forward to a time when devices such as these are no longer needed at all, just as they weren’t necessary in our not-too-distant past. Hopefully, this will happen before we merge with, or are replaced by, machines.

Food Thoughts – Wheat Addiction

As always, Stephen Colbert is funny as hell when he tackles food and drug issues. This video sent in by Nicole A. is no exception.

I’m a fan of Davis’ work insofar as it gets people thinking a little more about wheat. A lot of people with gluten sensitivities might be helped. Those and others might even learn about more nutrient dense ways of eating. But, remember what I said above?

A good sign of a fad diet is one that over-simplifies and over-generalizes.

Here is Dr. Yoni Freedhoff’s review of Wheat Belly.

My theory is that most people who lose weight by simply giving up wheat will eventually regain the weight once they learn about rice flour, coconut flour, almond flour, and other ways to mimic eating wheat containing foods. In You Might Be Getting Too Good at Paleo, I talk about how Paleo(tm) Pros can sabotage their own weight loss by returning to their old habits of eating high-calorie, low-nutrient foods.

In my experience, diets that encourage you to give up common foods may work in the beginning because of calorie restriction. Eventually, most people learn how to work around those restrictions, or they just end up giving up the restrictions all together.

Homemade Yogurt!

I’m a huge fan of fermenting foods. I make kombucha, sauerkraut, and what is quite possibly the most delicious salsa on planet earth </modesty>. So, I love seeing pictures of what everyone else in the Humans Are Not Broken family are doing, too! Here’s Chris Y’s yogurt:



Chris says:

First ever batch of home made organic yoghurt! Thanks for a great podcast. It has really opened my eyes and I have never done so much cooking! Off to make some sauerkraut now! […] Amazing! I am surprised at the lack of acidity even though it is extremely thick & creamy. I won’t be buying yoghurt anymore! By the way I used a microwaveable heat pad which we use for our dog in the winter to put under the pan. Worked a treat!

Wanna Make Some Money? Get Into Farming

Lisa M sent in this video that I had never seen. Hilarious! The language is NSFW, so pop on the headphones and enjoy yet another video that makes me want to become a farmer. You think I’m kidding? 🙂


Sunshine is Not a Vitamin D Pill!

I’ve been saying this for what feels like ages, but I don’t mind repeating it. Thanks, Gus H. for sending this one in, because Richard Weller says it better that I do:

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  1. Thanks for the fact-check, Ralph — much appreciated. I’ve added an update in the article to clarify. Even though the ad highlighted in the article is a fake…it’s a bummer that it’s pretty darn close to reality.

    Good catch!

  2. WTF indeed! Sadly, I can see this device making billions.

    Great and funny stuff here. Thanks for the education and laughs.

    ps – I make my own yogurt as well. Would to see your salsa recipe.

  3. Yep, I remember talking about that on the podcast…it showed up on an episode of David Letterman. Ironically, beaver anal gland is probably not such a bad thing, and even more ironic…it tastes like strawberries?

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