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Latest in Paleo On Hiatus, New Projects Underway

Latest in Paleo On Hiatus, New Projects Underway
Angelo Coppola

How will you spend your time today?

This is perhaps the most consequential decision that we all make. Getting into routines helps to free us from having to think about this too much, but in the words of the famous Rush song:

“if you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice.”

Most of us strive to form healthy habits, principles to live by, and other shortcuts that help automate and guide our decisions. This is fantastic, as long as the results keeps us moving in the direction we want to travel. It’s important, though, to recognize that our habits, principles, goals, etc. are based on past decisions, desires, and evaluations—all of which aren’t necessarily appropriate for guiding us here and now. The line between principle and crutch is a fine one indeed.

As such, it’s important to reevaluate from time to time. After a solid round of this, I’ve decided to put new episodes of Latest in Paleo on hold for a while. Let me explain.

Even though the final product provides about an hour’s worth of listening, a lot of time goes into each episode. I’ve spent 50+ hours on some episodes. The main goal for me has always been to produce shows that I believe are worth listeners’ time and that I would actually want to listen to myself. The nature of the show is also time intensive, requiring much reading, selection, analysis, and editing to put together a cohesive product.

That’s not a complaint by any means, just the reality. I enjoy the hell out of what I do.

Counter to my own expectations, it actually takes me longer to stitch shows together nowadays than it used to early on. The efficiency gains that have come with experience have been outweighed by having already covered so much ground, so I have to dig deeper each time to keep things fresh and interesting.

Recently, I’ve found myself between the proverbial rock and a hard place. Do I continue focusing on and sharing the latest health news, or do I devote substantial time to expanding on and sharing what I’ve learned and been so successful with over the last 6 years?

More and more, I find myself wanting to focus on the latter.

I’m in the unique position of having lost significant weight and maintaining this weight loss for over six years. This is rare. Less than 1% of people are able go from obese to normal-weight—let alone lean and fit—for long periods of time. Doing this while also soaking in the latest health research on a full-time can only be far more rare.

Adding my own anecdotes, ideas, techniques, tips, recipes, and interpretation of the literature won’t change the world or magically provide people with the motivation to make better choices. Maybe it could make a difference for some, though. Not to mention, I would personally find the exercise of organizing my own ideas to be quite useful to myself.

While I know tens of thousands of listeners might prefer that I continue focusing on the weekly show—I’m compelled to shift gears for a while. It’s sort of like being out on a beautiful hike down a familiar path and suddenly finding a new side trail has appeared—who knows where it will lead, but the itch to explore it is strong.

I’ve brought thousands of people into the Paleo fold, which I consider a good thing. Just about anyone who moves from a standard Western diet to eating a mostly whole-food diet is doing themselves a huge favor.

But there’s much more to it than that, and I’ve got a lot to say on the matter. Those interested in evolutionary clues about diet, lowering disease risk, weight loss (including that last 20), longevity, basic fitness, forming a good relationship with food, and passing on good eating habits to children while minimizing their risks of developing allergies and food sensitivities later on will want to stay tuned.

Some of this, I’ll be able to start sharing very soon, some of it will come later in the form of a book.

My to-do list over the next few months looks something like this:

  • Create a new Plant Paleo blog for my flexitarian-ish take on Paleo
  • Move Latest in Paleo to Dan Benjamin’s new (and very cool!) podcasting platform,
  • Publish a weekly article on the new blog
  • Publish a weekly recipe (hopefully with video)
  • Concurrently write a book synthesizing my ideas on health, fitness, and diet
  • Publish occasional Latest in Paleo episodes, mostly with guests
  • Publish occasional Health News Ticker email updates.
  • Get caught up on a bunch of small, tedious, administrative tasks not worth mentioning, but that are a thorn in my shoe nonetheless.

Many of these are already underway, and now I’m simply devoting more time to moving them from in-progress toward done. So there it is. That’s what I’m doing today. I’ve always taken my own medicine; why stop now? Re-evaluate. Re-invent.

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  • Angelo – It’s been wonderful to follow your journey of exploration and learning the last 6 years, from the Sonoran Desert to the little house in the Washington Rain Forest, and getting to follow along as you added to your family. Thank you for making the shows and sharing them with us!

    Most of the time I had my boys, who are 8 and 11 now, in the car. The older one would often times have me stop the podcast so he could ask questions about a topic, or when he wanted to voice his thoughts and opinions on the topic to dad. Listening to your shows helped instill a curiosity and skepticism in my children I don’t think I alone could have communicated.. So from our entire family thank you!

    Enjoy the hiatus (of sorts), I’ll miss the friendly voice but I look forward to the next part of your journey.

    Good Luck,
    Noel and Family

    • Thanks, Noel! Your support for the show over the years and our virtual friendship has been truly meaningful. And likewise, I’m always happy to learn more about all of your new ventures. Cheers!

  • PerNissila

    Looking forward to hearing more about your new project! 🙂

  • Radovan Kohlmayer

    All the best and take your time Angelo. Thank you for all the episodes, many are timeless and still may be found by the ones that have ears to hear them.
    I assume that the Amazon links still works as I intend continue make the extra click to support a dear friend.
    With love,

    • Thanks, Radovan. Much appreciated! New content should be coming soon. 🙂

  • David R

    Good luck Angelo. I have always imagined you as having something of Jonathan Livingstone Seagull in your dna. I will miss your podcast very much, but you made such an impact on me and led me to Siddhartha, which is one of my favourite books, and i am grateful to you for that.

  • Jaime Barbudo

    Cool, I noticed the lack of episodes and wondered what happened? Between the quietness on the newsticker and podcast I thought that maybe something terrible happened. I hope that you are all right. I just want to know, where do I sign up to stay up to date with what your are going to come out with? Should I stay on the podcast? the ticker? do I need to subscribe to a blog RSS?

  • Rita Gasaway

    Miss you!!! Going through withdrawal. Hope your back soon.