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Latest in Paleo 68: Debunking Paleo

Latest in Paleo 68: Debunking Paleo
Angelo Coppola

Quick Description

In this week’s show: we welcome Primal Pacs as a new sponsor, enjoy the comedy of John Pinette, debunk the Paleo debunking, dissect the latest meat scare, talk a bit about Paleo on The Dr. Oz Show, meet a girl who eats nothing but ramen noodles, and we consider the idea that diets are not lifestyles. After the Bell, we hear a mainstream view of gluten, followed by a far-from-mainstream look at money as expained by Alan Watts.

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    • Primal Pacs – Receive 10% off Primal Pacs, the grass-fed, real, unprocessed jerky, nuts and dried fruit snacks. Finally, high quality Paleo snacks are affordable…try the best-value 50-pack bundle!
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    • Juan E. in California; Joy B. in Ohio; Hannah J. in Queensland, Australia; Accomplishment Coaching in California; Veronica A. in S. Carolina; Save on Fuel in Victoria, Australia; Nancy M. in New York; Kirt B. in Ohio; and Kristen L. in Oregon.
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Moment of Paleo

After the Bell

This Week’s Music Selections

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If you're new to the blog, have a look at what Humans Are Not Broken means. Then, you might want to take a look at The Plant Paleo Diet to see how I eat to maintain my body transformation and health. It's an omnivorous diet that is heavy on plant foods, based on scientific evidence and evolutionary clues (Part 1 and Part 2). If you're into podcasts, you'll probably really enjoy Latest in Paleo, which looks at the latest health news in an entertaining and thoughtful way.
  • Will

    Really diggin’ the Jamendo tracks you selected for this show 🙂

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  • Deborah Miller

    How awesome this show is. I listen to this inspirational show and the benefits from such a positive person…I can actually say helps to make my hours count. I have been eating most of the paleo diet before knowing much about it. Thank you for enriching knowledge.

    • Hey, thanks for taking the time to say this, Deborah! It’s very motivational for me. Namastè.

  • Peter Watson

    Ep. 68 – Excellent video. I first watched the Christina Warriner video a month ago. It confirmed what I had found in Internet searches on ‘Paleolithic Diet’ a couple of years ago. Most of the links at that time went to sites and blogs featuring pretty much all-meat diets. They generally portrayed our paleolithic ancestors in a male fantasy image of meat-eating carnivores spending their days hunting and killing animals in an lifelong orgy of testosterone fueled violence. In that light, Dr Warriner’s video made a lot of sense to me.
    So I’m glad I recently came across this ‘Latest In Paleo’ video. It has caused me to revisit the whole Paleo diet movement.
    I like the your description “Evolutionary Approach to diet”. It is more descriptive than Paleo, though admittedly not as evocative.
    Through your video I now see that the sensible paleo diet and Dr Warriner’s concepts are, actually, close to identical.
    I was diagnosed with cancer around nine years ago and cured myself through fundamental life changes.
    It made complete sense to me that my diet and lifestyle had caused the health issues.
    Rather than blaming myself, however, this insight led to the exciting realization that, if I was powerful enough to make myself so sick, I was also powerful enough to cure myself of the sickness.
    My starting point was diet and exercise. I knew that I had to get off the couch and start getting active. And I knew I had to radically change my diet – to whole foods prepared simply.
    Interestingly, although I now believe grains are a serious issue in our modern world, I ate voluminous amounts of whole organic grains with no ill effects whatsoever. I also lost a lot of weight, going down to a body fat reading of around 12% to 14%.
    Ultimately, I found that achieving true wellness is a three stage approach.
    I started with the body – diet and exercise. But this was the simplest part. I then started working on my mind, working on the negative concepts and emotions that had brought me to ill-health. This is tough.
    The third stage was spiritual. Religion provides comfort to many, but I just couldn’t get behind dogmas written down by late iron-age civilizations with precious little understanding of the true nature of the universe. I did, however, embrace the concept that we are not just a tiny, frightened ego. I now understand that we are an indivisible part of something vastly larger than our tiny, egoic ourselves.
    Working on these three stages of healing – Body, mind and spirit – is a lifelong journey that, even now at age 65, I have only just started on.
    However, if I picture my cancer diagnosis as the floor of this room, and the ceiling as enlightenment, then I have just about reached the top of the pile of the carpet.
    But it’s already a hell of a ride! I invite you all to join.

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