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Latest in Paleo 65: Too Good at Paleo

Latest in Paleo 65: Too Good at Paleo
Angelo Coppola


In today’s show, I announce the new blog: Humans Are Not Broken. You’ll hear some candid heart-to-heart from me regarding the current state of Paleo and where I see myself headed with regards to future content. Lucy sings. Coca-Cola acknowledges the problem of obesity in America, and they tell us that only a fool would believe Vitaminwater is healthy. You’ll get to ask yourself whether you’re getting too good at Paleo. And you’ll hear perhaps the most inspiring TEDx Talk you’ve heard so far this year, from a 93-year old weightlifter.

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  • Kristy Plonisch

    I was so excited when I woke up this morning to walk my dog and I had a new “Latest in Paleo”! Welcome back :)

    • Angelo Coppola

      Sweet! I hope you feel the same way after you listen.

    • Angelo Coppola

      Sweet! I hope you feel the same way after you listen to the episode. :)

  • Crystal Coco

    Absolutely LOVE the blog and podcast- thank you!

    • Angelo Coppola

      Thanks, Crystal!

  • Kyle Knapp

    Have listened to every show since episode 0 and this was my favorite. We have very similar philosophies and its been neat to see your experience and thinking evolve almost in unison with mine. Great work Angelo- you have the most refreshing approach and perspective in the Paleo (TM) community!! :)

    • Kyle Knapp

      At the risk of sounding cultish, I think I nodded my head in an Amen-like fashion about a dozen times during your dialogue… :)

      • Angelo Coppola

        Nah, that’s not cultish. :)

    • Angelo Coppola

      Thanks for sending along this message, Kyle. When I decided to start talking more openly about points of improvement / disagreement in the Paleo community, I realized it would be a turn off to a lot of people. But, I also realized that I would be left with a community of listeners / readers who are more open to questioning everything and who I will ultimately find more interesting.

  • Marcelino Llano

    Angelo I followed the podcast from the very beginning and feel the same way. The changes make a lot of sense, go for it! We love the podcast!

    • Angelo Coppola

      Thanks, Marcelino. It’s hard to say how many of us feel the same way, but definitely worth doing. Hopefully, we can help get the ball rolling and good things will come of it.

  • Ryan Sampsell

    Your analysis has always been the niche my wife and I appreciate. Much thanks!

    • Angelo Coppola

      Cool! I’ll keep doing my best, and I look forward to hearing other perspectives, too.

  • Angelo Coppola

    Thanks, I’m really glad to hear that you see it that way!

  • Jared Plemon

    I have been with you since Day 1, Angelo. When I first came across primal/paleo, I was RAVENOUS for information. I lost the weight. I increased my energy. I boosted my overall well being. I wanted to consume ANYTHING when it came to paleo. So I was excited when a “new” paleo podcast showed up on iTunes. I can’t believe how long it has been. I have always enjoyed your amazing show. The clips. The commentary. The honesty. And to quote the heavy kid from Super 8, the “production value.”

    To this day your podcast has been how I stay “grounded” with all this paleo stuff. There is SO MUCH out there now and with it has come in-fighting, rivalry, hand wringing, and hyperbole. Generally, like any successful movement, it has experienced a huge influx of participants, and with it….an influx of all around ass-hattery. Yet Angelo has always kept a steadied hand while he takes the pulse of the paleo movement. Thank you for that.

    • Angelo Coppola

      Thanks, Jared. It’s really good to hear from folks who have been long-time listeners. Getting feedback is huge; it keeps me grounded.

  • Al Martin

    I greatly enjoy every episode, and as a business owner and parent of two young children I’m really impressed by how much you get done on your blog, podcast and all of the research you do. This most recent episode underlined three points that I really appreciated. 1. The only purpose of advertising is to “increase sales” even if it’s just a PSA. 2. There are no absolutes when it comes to any line of thought, theory or opinion, we have to question everything no matter who it comes from. 3. It’s really easy to find ways to do things that are technically correct but are so far away from the intent that the goal isn’t just missed but forgotten.

    • Angelo Coppola

      When I read comments like this it gives me great satisfaction knowing that I’m communicating my ideas in a way that they can be understood. Those ideas may be right, wrong, or some degree in between — but communicating them effectively is still a win. Thanks for the comment, Al.