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In and Out

In and Out
Angelo Coppola

Have you ever wondered how many events occur within a single moment? Technically, this would encompass all of the movements, chemical processes, thoughts, and precise locations of atoms and sub-atomic particles.

We could say the answer depends on the vastness of the Universe or Multiverse.But regardless, the number of events is far, far greater than the capacity of a human brain to count, track, or analyze.

We simply can’t process, or even fathom, that much information.

And forget the universal scope, it’s equally unfathomable to consider all of the events occurring within a single moment in your town, your neighborhood, your street, your home, your own body, or your own mind.

Nature is incomprehensibly complex.

So, in our everyday lives, our consciousness becomes quite good at taking in bits of information that it considers important while leaving out enormous amounts of information that it doesn’t deem worth noticing.

When I walk across a room to get to a glass of water, I disregard the number of steps it takes, how many people are in the room, the colors of their shirts, what sort of shoes they’re wearing, the number of H20 molecules in the glass, etc.

As a thought exercise, ask yourself What am I letting in? and What am I leaving out? 

The answers could be strikingly important for your health and happiness.