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For Each Pound You Lose…

For Each Pound You Lose…
Angelo Coppola

For each pound you lose, there will be someone saying, “You’re doing it wrong.”

For each muscle you build, there will be someone complaining, “Your form is garbage and your methods stink.”

For each step you take, there will be someone eager to state, “Those are the wrong shoes,” or, “You’re hitting the ground with the wrong part of your feet.”

For each whole food you eat, there will be someone screaming, “That’s toxic!”

Along your journey toward better health you will encounterdozens of people who will tell you in one way or another, “You will fail.”

Some of them make a living at it. Some never bother to ask what your goals are and simply assume you want the same things they want.

You’ll find even more people promising, “I’m going to start getting healthy after the weekend.” Or after the holidays. Or after a birthday. Or after the ice cream in the freezer is gone. Or after school starts. Or after the doctor tells them they should.

Sure, we all make mistakes. We could all do something a little more efficiently. We eventually learn who to pay attention to and who to ignore. At the end of the day, we answer to ourselves. If you’re doing something to claim or reclaim your health today, first and foremost, I’d like to say:

“Good job, friend! I’m sure I can learn something from your example. Thank you for doing something right now, so I have someone to keep me company. Let’s go for a walk and forget about our feet and diets for a while!”

  • David R

    Hi Angelo. I think we are the ones who have learned so much from your example, not just of how to effect lasting and positive change in your own life, but then to go further and try offer help to others in their struggle to do the same. I admire you immensely and thank you sincerely.

  • Deepak M

    Extremely well put Angelo! And I completely echo David R – “I admire you immensely and thank you sincerely”