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Shut Down the Berry Industry! Raid the Farms!

Shut Down the Berry Industry! Raid the Farms!
Angelo Coppola

The frozen berries that my family uses for our kids’ smoothies and as a mix-in for Greek yogurt snacks has been voluntarily recalled by their producers, and Costco has pulled them from their freezers. This is because the berries have been linked to at least 34 cases of Hepatitis in Colorado, New Mexico, Nevada, California, and my home state, Arizona.

If you live in one of these states and have purchased the berries, throw them away. The package looks like the picture I took above of my partially used bag.

Okay, now grab a shovel and join me in a crusade to shut down Townsend Farms! Let’s make sure our governments, local and federal, use all of their might to squeeze them out of business.  We need armed raids and bottles of blue dye to spoil all of the food that they might sell or eat.

Burn the land!


Of course, I’m not serious.

Unfortunately, this is too close to what the government has done to some raw dairy farmers around the United States. Right now,  Vernon Hershberger is awaiting sentencing that could include up to a year in jail and a $10,000 fine, essentially for disobeying government officials who were trying to stop him from selling raw milk in private clubs.

A jury of his peers found him not guilty on three other charges…but not the one concerning disobeying the government officials, to which he freely admitted.

But, come on, the double standard is blatantly obvious. Leafy green vegetables carry the most contaminants. Every food that we consume carries some risk. Even organic. Even frozen organic. Even frozen organic berries. And for goodness what could be more wholesome and pure than that?

Our best defense is to maintain a healthy body that has the best chances of surviving contaminants. Supporting food growers who we believe have the best practices, whenever we can, is also important. To my knowledge, no one in my family has ever become sick from eating food from our garden or from the local farmers’ markets that we frequent.

I had looked into Townsend Farms briefly in the past, and it looked like a good organization. Of course, I’ve never visited the farm and I understand that everything on any company website is essentially marketing material. So, of course, there may information that I just don’t know about them.

The bottom line is that there are risks in a food supply chain, like ours, that has several opportunities for failure. As always, let’s not over-react, let’s vote with our dollars, and let’s stay as healthy as we can.

Humans Are Not Broken

Do you know anything about the practices of Townsend Farms? What are your thoughts on food safety?

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  • Connie S

    Being from Oregon, this has made top news around here. Not personally verified, but local news sources are reporting that USDA is pointing fingers at the pomegranate seeds that were sourced outside the US and included with their berries to create this specific blend. Testing has not been complete yet. It’s a shame that fingers are pointed and assumptions made before the facts have been confirmed.Hopefully this will not negatively impact organic growers 🙁

    • Yeah, I saw some indications that they suspect the pomegranates, which are from Turkey. We Americans typically have a short memory when it comes to cases like these, and it would take a lot more to change anyone’s mind about organics…one way or another.

      If anything interesting pops up in the local news about this, please feel free to forward it to me.

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