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Come for the research and stick around for the heavy dose of opinion.

Reversing Type 2 Diabetes: The University of Newcastle Research with Diet Plan

March 3, 2016 | | 14 Comments

Promising research from a University of Newcastle team suggests that Type 2 diabetes can be cured in just eight weeks by diet alone. CURED. Their protocol is known to be effective in subjects who have had diabetes for up to 10 years, and they are optimistic about it working for some who have had the disease even longer.

Read More

In and Out

November 27, 2015 |

Have you ever wondered how many events occur within a single moment? Technically, this would encompass all of the movements, chemical processes, thoughts, and precise locations of atoms and sub-atomic particles.

We could say the answer depends on the vastness of the Universe or Multiverse. Read More

Plant Paleo Part 2: Grains, Legumes, Fiber, and Antinutrients

June 3, 2015 | | 57 Comments

In Part 1 of this series, I suggested that:

(1) a single set of Paleolithic-inspired dietary rules is not only futile, but entirely misses the point of the actual Paleolithic example, which shows us vast diet diversity amongst human groups; and that (2) the Paleo paradigm includes a wide array of whole-food diets consisting of various macronutrient ratios and plant-to-animal ratios.

This article will show that a dietary approach with plenty of whole fiber-containing foods, including grains and legumes, is consistent with both the evolutionary clues and the scientific evidence. Read More

Why I Quit Coffee & How that’s Been Working Out

May 1, 2015 | | 25 Comments

I’ve been regularly drinking strong, black coffee my entire adult life; anywhere from 1 to 3 cups a day, on average—sometimes more, rarely less.

So when I decided to give up coffee for a month, I expected to suffer from some serious withdrawals: headaches, sluggishness, lack of energy, mental fog.

Clearly, February was the perfect month for this experiment: just 28 days. Read More

Plant Paleo Part 1: The Gatherer-Hunter Diet

March 18, 2015 | | 66 Comments

In order for the Paleo approach to make any sense at all, it can’t be a diet. Not just one diet.

A fundamental feature of human diets during the Paleolithic era was that there were several of them. The eating patterns of humans were spread across Africa and eventually most of the globe. Dietary variances hinged on the unique characteristics of local ecosystems, the dance between organisms and environments—innumerable variables all at play and changing over millennia. Read More

How These Gut Bacteria Can Help You Lose Weight

June 6, 2013 | | 13 Comments

Scientists have identified a gut bacterium that could provide new treatment for overweight, obesity, and diabetes. There are ways to foster the growth of these bacteria, but first a little background. Read More

Debunking a Paleo Diet Strawman

April 14, 2013 | | 53 Comments

Update: If you would like to hear / watch this article instead of reading it, you can do so here

As the Paleo diet movement has grown, it has also become increasingly difficult to talk about, at times. This is because there is no single set of guidelines for what constitutes the Paleo diet, and as it grows in popularity, the variants continue to pile on.

This is both a strength and a weakness. Read More

You Might Be Getting Too Good at Paleo

January 13, 2013 | | 80 Comments

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Are you getting too good at Paleo? Is that even possible? Read More