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Ancestral Health Symposium 2016

Ancestral Health Symposium 2016
Angelo Coppola

This year, the Ancestral Health Symposium will be held at The University of Colorado at Boulder.  It’s taking place August 11-13, and attendee registration is currently open with an early bird discount. The non-profit Ancestral Health Society is behind the event.

I plan to attend this year. Hope to see you there!

Some excellent lectures have come out of this event. Have a look at some of my favorites.

From AHS 2012, Joel Salatin’s Folks this Ain’t Normal provides some perspective on how out-of-whack our modern food system—and modernity in general—has become. He wrote an entire book about this, too.

From AHS 2014, Denise Minger’s Lessons from the Vegans suggests there is more than one path to better health. Agree or disagree, she dishes out a lot of food for thought in this talk. Eventually, she expanded this talk into an epic blog post. Soon after she published it, Denise and I went over it on Latest in Paleo 145.

From AHS 2012, Boyd Eaton’s Long-Term Paleo: Following an Ancestral Health Protocol for 30 Years in which we learn the cardiologist Grandfather of Paleo is apparently in excellent physical and mental health. Oh, and he eats toast and shredded wheat. That’s not surprising to me, since it apparent that humans have been eating grains since the Paleolithic era. Here, Dr. Eaton makes the case for a strong and weak form of the Paleo diet.

Another great one from AHS 2012 was Peter Gray’s, The Role of Play in the Development of Social and Emotional Competence. There is probably no better speaker in the world on the topic.

Well, if the past is any predictor of future performance, AHS 2016 should offer us a lot to think about, too. I’ll let you know when I learn more about the speaker lineup and topics. Stay tuned, and follow those links at the top of the article to learn more about the foundation and its symposium.

If you do plan on attending and you’d like to meet up, contact me. I’ll keep a running list, and maybe there will be an opportunity for a small group of us to coordinate some meals together; maybe even a walk or hike through some of Boulder’s landscapes. Looking forward to seeing you there.