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What is Latest in Paleo?

Psychology of Eating Best 25 Health Podcasts Award

Since 2010, Latest in Paleo is the podcast I create, produce, and host. It’s distributed by the 5by5 Broadcasting Network. You can subscribe on iTunes or your favorite podcasting service. I look at health news and topics from the standpoint of the scientific evidence and evolutionary clues left to us by our ancestors. Sometimes I refer to this as the crossroads, a reference to that intersection as well as a metaphor for the health decisions we must all make.

I think it’s fair to say Latest in Paleo is a unique approach to podcasting.

It’s here to help keep you:

  • entertained and mentally stimulated;
  • excited about the value of your own health;
  • aware of the nutritional misinformation, lies, and manipulative advertising that are spread in the media;
  • informed about the latest health news, along with my commentary.

I’m humbled by all of the kind things people have said about the show, like this:

About the same time I started doing Paleo, Angelo Coppola began producing his Latest in Paleo podcast. This well-made show examines current news stories regarding health, diet, and fitness. It’s one of my favorite podcasts, and I listen to it as soon as it shows up on my player.

– Mark Frauenfelder
Founder of BoingBoing and editor -in-chief of MAKE

The show has two formats. One, I call “news and views” and the other is an interview format. Here, you can look through the archive.