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Angelo Coppola, Standar American Diet, Paleo Diet, and The Plant Paleo Diet

Who is Angelo Coppola?

I am your host here at the Humans Are Not Broken blog, and I am the  creator and host of the Latest in Paleo podcast. I also follow a diet that I call The Plant Paleo Diet. It’s an omnivorous, nutrient-rich, truly whole-food diet that is dominated by plant foods.

Since 2010, I’ve lost 90 pounds, and I’ve kept it off. I consider myself extremely fortunate, because it’s so rare to go from obese to a normal weight, and even more rare to transition into a lean, healthy body. I understand what a lifelong struggle with overweight and obesity is like, and it is from that perspective that I share what I’ve learned.

Previously, I spent 20 years in the B2B software industry in communications, UI/UX design, and eventually as Vice President of Marketing for two software companies. In 2013, I traded my corporate career for full-time podcasting, blogging, and pursuing a healthy lifestyle. Adopting a more minimalist lifestyle—major downsizing and owning less stuff—has helped make this possible.

In 2013, I relocated from the desert southwest to the temperate rainforest of Washington State along with my wife, our daughter, and three older daughters from a previous marriage.

My philosophy can be summed up with the phrase, human beings are not broken, by default (huh? what does that mean?). My interests include walking and hiking, ancestral health, minimalism, rewilding, and I’m just getting started with some DIY homesteading, too. Life becomes richer through the subtraction of external things, rather than focusing on constant accumulation.

My life is a work in progress, and I like to share what I learn, think, and do. I am not committed to being consistent, simply for the sake of consistency—I’d rather consistently move toward a better life and better health, even if that means using different methods or changing directions from time to time.

The Coppola family.

“…what a disgrace it is for a man to grow old without ever seeing the beauty and strength of which his body is capable.” — Socrates

Here is a pictorial history of my before and after transformation: